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About the PSP

The FIA Pilot Support Programme (PSP) is a pro-active and non-punitive support programme established by the Icelandic Airline Pilots’ Association (FIA) and participating operators.

The FIA PSP is built on the solid foundation of the FÍA Support Committee which has extensive experience in assisting pilots with various issues which may arise.

The PSP is established in accordance with current EASA regulation on pilot support programmes. The aim is to assist and support flight crew in recognising, coping with, and overcoming any problems which might negatively affect their ability to safely exercise the privileges of their licence.

The PSP contains the following elements:

  • Procedures including education of flight crew regarding self-awareness and facilitation of self-referral

  • Assistance provided by professionals, including mental and psychological health professionals with relevant knowledge of the aviation environment

  • Involvement of trained peers from participating operators

  • Monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme

  • Monitoring and support of the process of returning to work

  • Management of risks resulting from fear of loss of licence; and

  • A referral system to an aero-medical examiner in defined cases raising serious safety concerns.

The programme is run by the FÍA Support Committee, independently from both FÍA and participating operators, and contains strict data protection mechanisms to ensure confidentiality of pilots.

Information to participating operators is only provided in the form of aggregated anonymised data for safety management purposes.

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